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Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you need?

It is important to us to place a caregiver that best meets the needs of the client. That may take as little as a few days, but under certain circumstances it may be slightly longer.

Does insurance cover the cost of non-medical home care?

Only certain long-term care insurance policies cover our services. Normally, health insurance policies do not cover our services.  We do participate in several state funded programs.  Please contact our office or your local Office of Aging for additional information.

Does Medicare or Medicaid cover the cost of home care?

Not at this time. Medicaid and Medicare do not cover non-medical home care services at this time.

What happens when the caregiver needs time off?

We send in a relief caregiver with similar experience to cover for the primary caregiver. If a caregiver is sick or has an emergency, we will exhaust all of our resources to find a replacement quickly.

Do you offer short term care?

Yes, absolutely.  Our schedules are flexible to meet your needs whether short term or long term.

What if there is a couple living together?

Our base rates are for a single individual client. If a second person is in the home and needs care, rates will vary dependent on the level of care that is needed.

Will you provide care five days a week if the children can manage the care on the weekends?

Yes, absolutely. Our schedules are flexible to meet your needs.

Can I interview the caregivers first?

We insist on an introduction to our caregiver. A member of our management team will always introduce you to the caregiver on the first day of service. Our company is responsible for screening, hiring, managing and scheduling the caregivers. If a client wants to change caregivers for any reason, we will do so as deemed necessary at no extra cost until the client is perfectly satisfied.  Click here to learn more about our caregivers.

Do you accept payments weekly?

Our billing system is geared to biweekly intervals. A billing statement is sent out every other week.

What if the client wants to terminate service before the end of the month?

Services can be terminated given ten days written notice. Any payments made for prepaid services will be refunded on a prorata basis.

Where do you provide your services?

Our main office is located in Lancaster, PA, but we provide caregiver services throughout the Central Pennsylvania area including Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Adams, Cumberland and Dauphin counties. Our services are provided around the clock, seven days a week — wherever you or your aging loved ones home is located.

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