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Pennsylvania CARE Act Passed To Help Family Caregivers

Keystone In-Home Care, an in-home caregiver agency based in Lancaster, PA is pleased that Pennsylvania recently became the 25th state to pass the Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act, also know as the CARE Act, and has offered insights into how this new bill will provide help to family caregivers.

Sue Hehnly of Keystone In-Home Care says, “Pennsylvania recently passed an act that requires hospitals to provide family caregivers with the info they need regarding required medications and other care. This is going to have a profoundly positive impact on family caregivers.”

CARE Act Pennsylvania

The recently passed CARE Act requires hospitals to ask new patients if they have a family member or designated caregiver to assist them once they are discharged. The hospital then notifies the caregiver before the patient is discharged, providing instructions on the patient’s care after they return home. However, while some hospitals across the nation already do this, not all of them follow this protocol, and some caregivers are unaware of how to properly take care of their family members when they return home from the hospital. The CARE Act is designed to assist caregivers by ensuring that they have the information they need for aftercare of their loved ones. It places responsibility on the hospital and helps to keep readmission rates down by ensuring that patients receive the proper aftercare upon discharge. More about the CARE Act and it’s positive impact on families can be seen at

Certain home care agencies, like Keystone In-Home Care provide in home care services for aging seniors and disabled citizens that helps to ease the burden for family members and helps patients to transition from hospital to home much easier. “We can help ease the burden of patients and their loved ones by offering the type of care family member needs when they are discharged,” states Hehnly. “Our goal is to come alongside family members to help ensure that their loved ones are properly cared for in the transition back to their homes and during their recovery period.”

Keystone In-Home Care is licensed as a non-medical home care agency and offers a variety of in-home care services for patients, focusing on also helping family members who provide after hospital care to these patients. More about the range of services that the caregiver agency provides can be seen at