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Quality Caregivers

Quality Caregivers mean we can provide The Right Care for You for you or your loved ones. We believe mental and physical well being and quality of life are enhanced when a senior can live in familiar surroundings - the place they call home. Knowing each senior has unique requirements and needs, we create an individualized Plan of Care.

That individualized plan of care begins with our staff. We hire, then continue to develop the finest, well-trained caregivers available. You can rest assured our caregivers have appropriate support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We believe so strongly about our quality care that we have a Compatibility Guarantee. It proves we aren't satisfied until you are. Whether your needs are 2 hours or 24 hours a day — your satisfaction is our priority.

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Our Caregivers

We employ an amazing group of caregivers all across southeastern Pennsylvania who are highly trained and very compassionate to our consumers. The following are just a few of our current staff.

Keystone Caregiver Deb Doman

Deb Doman

Employed with Keystone In-Home Care since September of 2013, Deb actually came into the Keystone office by mistake—and we are sure glad she did! We liked her immediately. She is a very dedicated and enthusiastic caregiver who is always reliable. Deb is skillful in getting her consumers interested in community activities and holiday events.

Keystone Caregiver Janet Sparks

Janet Sparks

Janet has a hearty laugh and always takes everything in stride. She has been with Keystone since August of 2011 and consistently goes above and beyond, helping her consumers live independently. She often takes them to community events or sometimes just out for a drive to see Christmas lights or take in other activities. Janet's consumers say they "would be lost" without her care.

Keystone In-Home Care Kim Myers

Kim Myers

Kim enjoys working with all kinds of people and has been a caregiver with Keystone In-Home Care for more than two years. She has a bubbly, easy-going personality and is simply a natural at care-giving. She really likes to help others and most of all, make people happy. Kim treats her consumers as if they were her very own family.

Keystone Senior Caregiver Devin Mong-Byers

Devan Mong-Byers

Devan has been a family caregiver with Keystone since July of 2015. He says he always wanted to be in health care and loves working with his consumers. He's currently helping two relatives, which allows them to remain in their own home. Devan cares for his consumers as he would like to be treated in the same situation.


"My mom has a caregiver through Keystone...he and the other staff, like his supervisor in the office, are very nice and very helpful. Thank you for all you do" —Tammy

"I love working with this company! The love and care given to each individual that is being cared for by the caretakers & the caretakers that works for the company is superb! An amazing small company with a big heart!!" —Deborah

"Great company to work for. Thank you to all my supervisors and other staff members." —Holly